NET20 Pro - CORS Station

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The Geneq Net20 GNSS RTK Base ” A High Performance CORS Reference Station” for Farming, GIS, Utilities or Construction. Upgrade to 10cm or better with your “own” GNSS RTK Base Station. 



  • (1) NET20 Pro GNSS RTK Base Recevier
  • (1) Geodetic GNSS Precision Antenna
  • (1) NTRIP – DIP Base Software License (PC Only)
  • (1) Antenna Cable (35M)
  • (1) Lemo 7 to USB
  • (1) Lemo 5 to DB9
  • (1) DB9 Female to DB9 Female
  • (1) Network Cable (3M)

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Gives you uncompromising connectivity and accuracy in addition to managing your users


  • Multi-frequency with 555 channels GNSS all constellation
  • 32GB SSD internal memory with multi-memory session for recording high precision phase measurements
  • LAN Ethernet port and built-in Linux operating system for device management

Cost efficient and robust

Exceptionally robust and reliable, the Net20 Pro has a magnesium reinforced housing. It is designed to withstand the harshest uses in the harshest environments. This low-power GNSS-CORS receiver operates in a wide temperature range. It supports temporary immersion in water, and resists rain, wind, sand and dust. The Net20 Pro can be fully autonomous thanks to a power supply and a LAN connection.


The Net20 Pro offers Web UI management. It can be controlled from any computer connected to the local network or via the Internet. Allows updating, status management, configurations, logging and downloading data. Transmission of RTK corrections can be done from a simple local internet connection on your working network (LAN), and also via UHF radio.

Accuracy and efficiency

The Net20 Pro reference station provides the necessary corrections to obtain accurate surveys with all GNSS-RTK rovers operating within a radius of 20 to 50 km. The Net20 Pro generates RTK and DGPS data transmitted from the site via UHF radio or internet-LAN. Distribution of RTK corrections can be done with DIP and NTRIP protocols with Server-Client Caster software. This allows users management access to your correction data.


Geneq Net20 GNSS RTK Base ” A High Performance CORS Reference Station”

So you are using more of the latest technology like the iSXBlue2+PlatinumSXBlue Premier RTK, Geneq G10F90 or other brand receivers that are capable of utilizing RTK corrections for sub-foot (<30cm.), decimeter or even centimeter accuracy and precision. Access those high precision corrections on your own at your job site or across your geographic territory that encompass your utilities or farm. No longer need to apply for or pay for the correction services from a 3rd party. You host it, you manage it or hire LHNav to manage. A GNSS base reference station has never been more affordable and easy to set up and manage than this. For under $13k you get a state of the art GNSS base station with all the parts and pieces you need, receiver, antenna, cables, software, and from LHNav, a MicroPC and UPS battery back-up.

This is the next evolution to our Precision Clients in Farming, GIS, Utilities and Construction.


The NET20 PRO is a future proof investment, ensuring consistent high quality data for many years to come.

  • Up to 555 GNSS channels
  • Designed for top performance and with the future in mind
  • The NET20 PRO features the ultimate CORS GNSS technology for permanent single base stations to RTK networks.


  • Unlimited number of mount points
  • Server and client connections via one single port
  • Receive correction data in client mode for calculating an RTK fixed position and monitoring the antenna position  while continuing to work as a GNSS reference server


  • cm. precision to drive your tractor
  • cm. precision to direct your drone
  • cm. precision for field stake out, scouting and reporting


  • cm. precision to drive your CAD design team
  • cm. precision to drive your GIS mapping team


  • cm. precision for stake out
  • cm. precision for grade checks


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows